Ahlul Bayt Ministries (ABM) is a local Jesus Movement in the Horn of Africa. The Arabic term, ahlul-bayt, means ‘family of the house.’  However, for this context, Ahlul Bayt means 'God's household'.  ABM originated in Somalia in 2007, founded by a small group of local believers and followers of Jesus Christ through prayer and house fellowships.  ABM's purpose is to provide training and resources to equip house church leaders in Somalia and beyond. 

Our Mission

Ahlul Bayt Ministries seek to network with Muslim Background Believers and Jesus Seekers through prayers, studing the Scriptures together, leadership training and supporting one another. We encourage serving and growing together in Christ like-minded people using our varied gifts and local available resources.

Our Vision

To see God glorified by making disciples in the Horn of Africa developing healthy House fellowships that become partners in God’s eternal purpose.


Ahul Bayt Ministries is the sole aim of planting indigenous house church fellowships, discipleship making movement and sharing the Good news for Jesus to Muslims communities in the Horn of Africa especially among the Somalis.

Our Statement of Faith

We affirm the historic statement of faith known as the Lausanne Covenant. Go here for details.